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A year ago we decided to make a tube that was really Noname; it had to be simple and safe in use but absolutely different in the structure and in the activation system from what is already present on the market

It was not easy, at all

Did we get inspired? absolutely yes, to a product that probably almost none of you remember or more likely has never even heard of: the Apex, an American tube of 6/7 years ago, very nice but with undoubtedly many defects; in the choice of materials and in some technical solutions that today would turn up not just everyone’s nose.

However it is, the idea of ​​departure I think it was that, then a little bit of healthy madness and many expectations and in the end he was born:


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When the technical solutions lead back to the simplicity of use

Because the most iconic object in the world of vape, the mechanical tube also, seen from NoName Mods is much more than a simple tube.

The fiering feature, commonly used in systems of like this one, has been removed and replaced with a vertical scrolling activation

An ergonomic and natural activation system; with a slight push towards the top of the thumb you go to close the circuit and then fire to the atomizer

It is the battery itself, inserted into the inner tube from above, which closes the circuit

The battery, positive upwards, when the system is closed (activated) goes in direct contact with the positive of the atomizer, thus bypassing unnecessary references or connections that can introduce micro electric resistances able to degrade the supply of current and the yield of the atomizer

Three guides milled from solid, enriched by a system of bearings, allow a perfectly vertical sliding of the 2 tubes avoiding annoying rotations of the inner tube

The cages also form a sort of vertical sliding bearing that increases the smoothness and the contact surface between the inner and the outer tube

The return spring has a perfectly calibrated force for the weight of the inner tube and the battery so as to guarantee an always perfect return and produce an extremely pleasant activation thrust

The return spring, on the other hand once again from what is on the market today, is not in the least crossed by a current, never closed circuit or open so as to avoid any collapse of the same in the event of short circuits caused by defective batteries, making the OldBoy one of the safest systems you can buy

Once the battery is inserted, the system is completely closed and is proof of unintentional or accidental activations as opposed to systems with exposed buttons that require a lock that, if malfunctioning or incorrectly inserted, could lead to unpleasant accidents.

The OldBoy, designed and built entirely in Italy, is obtained by turning and milling from a solid piece of 2 metal bars, is CE certified and is covered by an international pate

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