Art Made Mod




The world was in confusion:
A violent earthquake of magnitude 8 hits Solomon Islands causing a tsunami.
Pope Benedict XVI is stepping back as pontiff
A meteorite explodes over Russia, causing 1491 wounded.
The North Korean Army General Staff announces a nuclear attack to the United States
In the meanwhile a handful of extremists are moving in the shadow of pseudo-religious groups that for some years have been praising a new cult revolution: Vaping !
Few realized it but the movement was determined and soon the consecration of the electronic cigarette would have effectively erased years of smoking history.
But the World was not ready yet, and elusives deaths from spontaneous drowning in the lungs relegated and forced the fanatics to go underground on online platforms
And right here two of the most active extremists met giving birth to Noname (battle name chosen by the cell for the claims of its first actions)


  1.  Intro
  2. Summary
  3. The Big Battery
  4. The BF-99
  5. Bottom Feeder
  6. NoOne
  7. Here We Are
  8. Unforgettable
  9. Hurricane Alert
  10. And Now?

The Big Battery

We had to amaze, the action had to be striking and disruptive
And so after a few months of night meetings, unbeknownst to all
While Snowden reveals details on the existence of several mass surveillance programs of the US and British government,
the cell comes out into the open, announcing the birth of its first crazy project:
The Big Battery
Nome was never less apt, but perhaps he played too much the self-esteem of the little one of the two, the artifact in reality was small and not very “male”, almost beautiful and pleasant
The spread was reduced but the success of some foreign lodges (VaporWall in the first place) which brought the cell in the international sphere
NoName had already written his fate at this point

The BF-99

We are between 2013 and 2014
German driver Michael Schumacher falls during a ski accident and goes into coma
The Costa Concordia leaves Giglio Island
The Senate of the Italian Republic approves the decadence of Silvio Berlusconi as Senator
Despite the fact that “Smetto Quando Voglio” was out in cinemas, the certainties were weak
The old guard trudges and the great leaders are preparing for the sunset avenue: Mojo, Pedro, Reo, Golden Greek leave the path to HellFire, Rocket and Satburn
Mesh is the new imperative, cotton is still far from being seen around and silica with its wet dog miasma is no longer considered quite subversive
In this multitude of changes comes the one that will remain one of the pillars of Noname for a long time: the BF-99, an object that still today arouses unanimous enthusiasm
The forerunner of many modern cotton systems that inspired him, the first top coil able to work (unfortunately, a parameter too often not considered in this crazy world)
The clone that followed definitively clears Italy; He had finally joined the greatest
While NoName, almost without realizing it, found himself thrown into an arena of wolves; Prophets and Gypsies used it as a springboard for their visibility
The metamorphosis was underway and soon the caterpillar would turn into a butterfly

The Bottom Feeder

It’s 2014
Matteo Renzi takes on the role of President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic
Kim Jong-un, the only candidate on the list in North Korea, is elected by the deputies with 100% of the votes
Permanently terminates support for the Windows XP operating system
Germany wins its fourth world football title
Kayfun is a favorite among Vapers around the world
Coincidences? . . .
Italy is isolated, resistance is now almost exclusively illegal
Even Ovale, the first Italian armed group is close to the corner
But the ranks are ever more numerous; dozens of small Italian modders, followers of a Sect active for some years in the United States, invade the network professing a new faith and promising miracles
The Bottom Feeder thus collects more and more acclaim thanks to the work of some of its most charismatic exponents (Lukkos, Damiano and Del sole) who will redesign the outlines, shapes and the canons
NoName in all this is the fuse that allows the explosion, first with the NoTank and then with the NoFear it definitely clears the feeding from below (luckily the English word bottom feeder was never translated)


It’s 2015
Opens in Milan Expo 2015
Sergio Mattarella is elected president of the Italian Republic
Ireland becomes the first country to legalize same-sex marriage
the World Health Organization (WHO) declares that rubella has been eradicated from America
The Expo 2015 closes
And despite all this, perhaps because of all this, FaceBook explodes, all the former dissidents now become respectable citizens show themselves to the world
The borders are uncertain, the dark tomorrow and the sharks move offshore waiting for succulent prey
A new group is born every 2 minutes, the outside is the far west, for real!
All against all gun in hand, China is scary but it is only the engine, always in movement of a revolution in progress, the heart is lost on the street and the mind is still confused on the horizon
Before the borders are drawn and a new civilization can raise so much blood, it will have to flow, but like the name of the ambitious box project it seems to indicate, NoWayBack, Noname took to the field and wants to win
An SRL is born
New suppliers are found, new materials and solutions are experimented, production is increased, alliances and synergies are tightened, new markets are opened. . .
Lazy, Tired, NoPain, NoGain, NoFear Unlimited, BF-99 in Black, NowayBack. . . .
Just some of the weapons that Noname shows off preparing for the big fight

Here we are

It’s 2016
“El Chapo” is arrested again
Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman candidate for President of the United States of America.
The citizens of the United Kingdom at the referendum on the permanence of the United Kingdom in the European Union express themselves for the country’s exit from the Union
It is the case to get under and increase penetration
The shops are starting to reappear and the professionalism is increasing while the design, the yield and the assistance finally begin to count, at least a minimum
NoPity is born e. . . BUM
Like it, really like it
Then comes the Nofear Unlimited and it is an Ambo
The year promises good, but there are still so many things to do, new projects to close and ideas to develop


The Church of Norway ceases to be a state religion after 500 years.
Queen Elizabeth celebrates Sapphire’s Jubilee for the 65 years on the throne.
February 2: NASA communicates the discovery of seven Earth-like planets, but in another solar system
21 August – Total solar eclipse
In the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan, the yes won with 92.7 percent of the votes. The Iraqi government has not recognized the outcome of the referendum.
And so under the motto of NoFckGiven (badly translated: and who cares) we launch into fantastic new companies that have never been tried before, regardless of the cataclysm coming to Italy
Let’s show off a NoToy to shout to everyone that we are not kidding, we are not very serious but we are serious, no games or games
We auting declaring to the world that we are not just single-product Modders but that we love everything and everyone regardless of faith, creed and sex that distinguishes them
With great fanfare we announce that we have a love story with Puff, everyone knows her but among our friends she is not too welcome; it’s big, big and doesn’t go to the “exclusive” clubs and many, unfortunately, snub it
But how many new friends and how many meetings thanks to this fleeting and disrespectful love of rituals
A parachute launch that was worth much more than the ticket we’ve paid. . . .that year is unforgettable

Hurricane Alert

It’s 2018
Macaques Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua in China are the first primates to be successfully cloned from an adult somatic cell
Death of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking
5 November: Italy is hit by a terrible wave of bad weather that causes serious damage. The final balance is 32 dead
The terrorist attacks are no longer counted
The TPD presents the bill and is salty
The world of Vaping is stalled, everyone seems to know the recipe for success but there was one who manages to churn out something decent, everyone shouts but nobody listens, few complain but many cry, maybe it’s time to be seen and feel
The copy of the copy is definitely cleared through customs, now everything is worth, dignity seems to have lost all value and ingenuity and skill have given way to arrogance and cunning
. . . you must exit the impasse
Scacco Matto: boredom, vanity, repetitiveness, futile and ugly
The birth was long, expensive, challenging, but it was the right time and we were probably the only ones who could do it, “I was born modest; not everywhere, but in spots ”(Mark Twain)
After more than a year of design and prototyping comes the Check Mate; a flash of light in a sea of ??absolute repetition. . . and note
Everyone asks for it and would like it, but it is not for everyone, it is beautiful, demanding and expensive (but certainly not expensive), taking it all apart and reassembling it is bewitching, holding it is much more than satisfying is the transformation of an ordinary gesture into pleasure
Then comes the Pyrogeyser where the madness of 2 worlds gives life to an almost iconic object, a physicality that tells its nature; hedonist and esthete
The hurricane has passed but behind it has left a very different landscape, the barbarians are everywhere and they plunder everything they find

And Now?

It’s 2019
January 18: Some fuel thieves break a pipeline in Tlahuelilpan, Mexico, killing 94 people
January 23: Juan Guaidó proclaims himself president of Venezuela
Thanks to the data of the Event Horizon Telescope, the first image of a black hole is shown
April 15: In Paris, a serious fire devastates the Cathedral of Notre-Dame
May 18: NoName Mods presents itself at Vapitaly with its stand, the Now has begun
Fasten your seatbelts !
we leave for an unforgettable new journey